Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to find Peace

Peace is the experience of those moments when “all feels right with the world and oneself”. You sigh in relief and relax in a treasured moment. All thoughts and feelings seem to be quiet and an inner joy and contentment comes with the silence. If you have experienced this then you will seek it again.

These days everyone is searching for peace. You may want a break from the pace and pressure of your life. From everyday stresses at work, home or simply the pressure you put on yourself. It takes a toll. How can you experience more peace in your life? Here is a list that can lead you to peace. The list is simple but the practice is a moment to moment process. The rewards are great.

1. Become aware, wake up instead of operating on auto-pilot. The patterns of behavior and your beliefs about yourself and the world create the experience you call your life.

2. Identify your feelings. Use this information as a guide to your hearts desires.

3. There is much beauty and harmony on this earth. Look closely at the trees, grass flowers, animals and people around you. Enjoy, savor, and appreciate with gratitude all that you have. Establish a relationship with the divine in the world. Watch the sky.

4. Everyday set the intention to live your life in balance. Eat well, move your body in ways that feel good (i.e. exercise, dance sports and so on). Treat yourself lovingly. If you fall back into old habits go back to the other steps and understand what needs to be different.

5. Get connected to your instincts and natural tendencies. Honor, respect, and acknowledge them, but do not let them rule you.

6. Find someone to be your guide, or work in a group as you make changes. Seek support until you become your own best source of guidance. You can become your own expert.

7. Start now.