Friday, October 3, 2008

When Bad Things Happen

I still remember the phone call. It was 3:00am in the morning on a Sunday in 1999.
The police were on the phone. "Some one broke into your office and set fire to it, get here as quickly as you can".

A few days before I had called my landlord to tell him I was going to lease the space for another two years. Now it was pretty much a total loss. Have you had a shock like this in your life? Did you feel angry, scared, confused? I asked, "Why is this happening, how could this happen, what do I do now"? Are these the kinds of questions that go through your mind when bad things happen to you?

If you want to make the best of a bad situation, then find the good. What do I mean? I suggest you evaluate what is happening.The word evaluate has the meaning of "find the value in".What was of value in my office burning up? At first it was hard to understand how this could hold any value.

What the fire did was move me into a new space, which changed my practice. I am a psychotherapist. The building I was in was filled with people in the healing profession. There were other psychotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors etc. I moved into an executive suite with insurance, real estate, and financial planners. A totally different atmosphere. The direction of my work changed. This led me to where I am today. This is of value to me. The fire gave me a push that was needed to propel change into my life.

So what value you can find in your "bad"? Find it, evaluate what is happening. You will find that this is the fastest way to peace of mind and happiness. Now you just have to DO IT.

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