Sunday, February 5, 2012

What do your dreams reveal?

Have you ever woken in the morning and thought "What a strange Dream, I wonder what that means?" Do you have a dream that repeats itself throughout your life? What is the message? What do you dreams tell you about your mental health?

Your Dreams can reveal a number of things.

1. They can tell you what is happening in your life NOW. You can see your current thoughts, feelings and how you are experiencing your life.

2. Dreams can show you a direction to take in your life. Dreams often give us signals about rhythm... slow down, speed up, go forward, pause, review etc.

3. If you have a Dream that repeats itself, it may even be the same theme with a slightly different story line, over and over. This means there is something  you need to paid attention to. If the Dream does not resolve or end in a way that is satisfying, then there is an issue in your life that needs  resolution.

4. Dreams tell you what is possible for you. If you can do something in a Dream then you have the capacity to have that experience. 

5. Dreams can reveal an upcoming physical problem. The Dream often proceeds the illness by 21 days.

6. Dreams inform you about your relationship to freedom. You have free will, yet your choices and actions can be restricted by self imposed slavery to certain thought, and emotional patterns. The Dreams reveal these themes for you and express your relationship to this habit.

7. Dreams also tell you about your qualities of self. At one level all aspects of a Dream are qualities of your self. Each person, each element of the dream is you. You are meeting parts of yourself in each person and object in your dream.

Since Dreams speak in symbol language, in order to understand the message you need to read the language. Numbers, colors, directions all have meanings. words in the Dream often have a double meaning, as homophones do. For example: If you Dream about a resort, is there something you need to resort too?

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