Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Money Flow

Are you worried about paying your bills? Have you or your partner been laid off or lost your job? Here is a story that could help you to think differently about money.

One of the spiritual principals about money is that the more you hold on to it, the less you have flowing in. By allowing money to flow out to pay your bills, you allow room for more to flow in. Now if you are worried about money you might feel inclined to hold on tight to the money you have. When bill paying time comes you feel reluctant to pay out what money you do have for fear there will be no more coming in. Feel familiar?

About ten years ago I was experiencing those exact feelings. It was holiday time, my husband was job hunting and the bills were due. We had the money to pay them, but once paid, the bank balance would be too low for my comfort. Since I understand and attempt to live by the principal of flow, I was trying to get comfortable with paying the bills. The fear was making it tough to act.

So, I go to the Green market, a weekly market of local fresh vegetables, flowers, etc. I bought a basket and put the change (many one dollar bills) into my coat pocket. I missed the pocket and the money landed on the ground. At that moment the wind came up and blew the dollars into the air. They scattered in all directions. At first I started to chase the money. Then I stopped and started laughing. There was no way I could catch the money. I surrendered and laughed. As I stood there laughing, others began to catch my money and return it to me. Before long, all my money was brought back to me. Someone on the side lines watching said "That's why we call it the Green Market".

So the lesson, when I surrender and let money go (laughing) it was all flowing back to me. I immediately got the analogy and went home and paid the bills. Now if I can simply remember this when the fear returns, I will live in the money flow. Try it and see what happens.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Simplify Your Life; Divest Yourself of What has Little Value for That of True Value.

You have so much stuff! Are you continually amazed at how it grows?

Our last two moves were from larger homes to smaller ones. Each time I purged so much “stuff”. When I get motivated to organize and sort there is still more stuff to get rid of. A few years ago I was in one of these cleaning out moods. A friend was selling things on e-bay and I thought I would let go of some of the stuff I still had from my wedding (at that time 25 years ago). I found in the dark recesses of the kitchen cabinets a beautiful tray. I had never parted with it because each time I cleaned out I thought it was too pretty to let go. I looked at the tray and wondered when the last time it had seen the light of day. I realized that I would rather let it go, clear out the space, and use the money for something I would enjoy. And use today. Some one else would use the tray and be happy with it.

I was amazed during this process the attachment that I felt for something that I had not thought about or seen for a long time. Why was I keeping it, moving it from place to place with me all this time? Whatever attachment it has to me or me to it, I wanted to let go. By letting go of stuff, you can let go symbolically of the things that enslave you.

Stuff enslaves you. So many times people talk with me about all the stuff they have. How it creates chaos and mess. You need to take care of it, sometimes spend money to rent storage space for it. It takes energy to have stuff; it pulls on you all the time. It speaks to you silently, “take care of me, and use me, keep me”.

My experience when I clean out the stuff and let it go is that something opens in my life.
Divest yourself of stuff and fill your life with what is of value to you in this moment. Free yourself and transform your life into one filled with joy of using, and taking care of, and appreciating what you have. Keep only what you truly value or use. Simplify your life.
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