Friday, September 5, 2008

You Can Stop Giving Your Old Beliefs Power

You can stop giving your old beliefs power

As a child I discovered that on  days with events I was looking forward to happily, time would drag by slowly until the event. On a day that I had a doctors appointment at the end of the day (which I hated) the day would breeze quickly by, and we would be heading to the doctor. I would not want time to go so quick, how could that be? It was my attitude that was different not the flow of time. It changed my experience of time.

It’s not life but the attitude you bring to life that creates your experience.

Another words what you think, what you tell yourself, what you picture in your mind, how you direct your thoughts in your imagination, your words, and internal dialogue directly relates to how you feel and experience your life.

You may also notice that thoughts are attached to feelings. The times you have something pleasant planned in the future and think of it, you feel pleasurable feelings. You could give yourself that feeling when ever you want, simply by imaging the activity.

Sometimes you might notice that certain thoughts you think are habitual, For example: you often worry about paying the bills, thinking about how much they will be and if there will be enough money to pay them. You feel fearful. These thoughts and feelings have most likely been happening for a lot of years. You have gotten by and managed. Is fear and worry the feeling you want to live with around money? Does the fear and the worry lead to the choices about money that you want to be making? Are you shaking your head NO?
This is what you can do:

Here are three steps to take. Do an experiment, try this for 3 days.

Awareness: Become aware of the signs that the pattern is present. Clues: thoughts and feelings.
Acknowledge: Do the work to understand and explore yourself, so in the moment of awareness you can remember what is happening.
Correct it: What is the change? What is the new choice? See it, feel it, think it. Create a momentary, in the present, experience of this feeling. You may have a memory of something you experienced in you life that already gives you this experience.

Now follow these three steps through out the day. Practice this for three days. Pay attention to what happens. What inspires you, what are your night dreams, what is happening? Is anything different?

Here is correction about money.

1. Sit with your feet flat on the ground, hands palm down in your lap. Eyes closed breathe out through your mouth long slow breathe, as if you are blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Then breathe in through your nose, short and easy. Does this breathe a total of three times? As you are breathing think to your self this is your new perspective on money exercise.

2. See, sense, and feel that you are up high looking down on a river flowing, know that there is always ongoing eternal flow. Feel the peace and settling down. Breathe put through your mouth and open your eyes.

Habitually thoughts come back and need to be noticed, acknowledged and corrected again.

You can learn to respond to what is happening outside in the experiential world with a fluid corrective internal response in the inner world. This helps you stay connected to peace and balance.

Try this for three days, do an experiment. Notice what’s different. May be you would like to continue. Go right ahead. Enjoy!