Friday, August 15, 2008

Become Your Own Authority

My Husband used to come home and say"they say"... this about the weather, or what you should eat. I began to ask who are "they" that we follow so easily?

You get millions of messages from the outside about how to act, what to eat, what to weigh, how to behave in relationships, and more. Messages come daily from TV, newspapers, books, friends, family and others. They give you standards to live by that are often false.

I recommend finding your inner authority, it gives you millions of messages too. It can give instantaneous answers, changes in perspective, power, and beauty. The still small voice that is the your inner authority.

Create an inner temple in your imagination where you can go to listen to, and converse with your inner authority.

1.First sit in a comfortable chair with you feet flat on the ground, your hands separate in your lap palms down. Close your eyes and breathe out through your mouth as if you are blowing out candles on a cake, a long slow full breathe out. Then breathe in normally through your nose. Do this breathe two more times (for a total of three breathes), long , slow full.

2. Now see and sense yourself inside a temple. This is an inner temple, a place you feel centered,connected and receptive. Take into the temple all the information from the outside that has your attention and bring it to this inner room and consider what is of value. Discard the rest.

3. See and know yourself leaving this temple with what is of value to you. Sense what is different.

4. Breathe out through your mouth and open your eyes.

Now you are living from your own inner authority. You are revivified, integrated, and balanced. You feel self aware, intuitive and can respond instead of react.

All of this can be done through one of the true languages of the heart, Imagery. When you combine your will with your emotion, the image becomes a vehicle to connect from the inside out. The creative process, the inner vision made manifest. Enjoy the journey!
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Become Your Own Authority

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